To protect the Enviroment and to protect against the Enviroment




Who We Are




G3 Universal Ocean Systems Inc. is a highly successful solutions company in the field of providing design protected concrete pre-cast modules. We are a collaboration of concrete and manufacturing specialists with offices in both South Africa and the United States. We are innovators at the cutting edge of marine and coastal concrete applications.

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Contact & location surveillance

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Setting Quotaions & deposits

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Site plan & product molding

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Installation & completion




We provide engineering solutions bold enough to provide innovative engineering solutions as well as sensitive enough to fulfil environmental needs.


We will design solutions best suited to the needs of both our clients and the environment in which they operate.

project Management

 We will oversee the project from cradle to grave and beyond to facilitate long term monitoring

Site Services

We provide all the necessary site services to make even the toughest of installations as hassle-free as possible.


We will either manufacture or oversee the manufacturing of our products as per client requirements

Jv Offerings

We are an open to a variety of JV offerings and working partnerships





Shoreline Rehabilitation


Shoreline Protection


Erosion Protection


Storm Swell Surge Protection


Sea Walls


Land Reclamation


Causeways (where tidal movement is critical)


Large Earth Retaining Projects


Dam and Spillway Construction


Mining Solutions


“Living” Retaining walls


Breakwater Barriers


River Course Management


Piers or Groynes


Artificial Reef Construction


Low Level Bridge Construction


Promenades and Walkways


The G3 Cube™ is a highly complex yet simple innovation born from a need to resist a moving body of water. The design of the G3 Cube™ is intermural in its ability to considerably resist a moving body of water, such as tidal or storm surge. The G3 Cube™ innovative design boasts a host of areas in which it can be utilized which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Beach rehabilitation
  • Storm swell surge protection
  • Break water barriers
  • River cause ways


  • Pier Construction
  • Artificial reef construction
  • Low level bridge crossings
  • Promenades on beaches & more


Why Choose Us

As per our Aerotherm results we can confidently say the G3 Cube™ fairs comparatively better than other armour breakwater units.
The G3 Cube™ offer a level of public safety that far exceeds that provided by the current status quo due to the Deck Slab Cube and the safety railing attachment points.

Due to the design dynamics the G3 Cube™ uses less concrete than any conventional cube.
Onsite production will drastically reduce transport costs. Size and weight of the product make it transport friendly.
Laminin Rebar has a whole life cost saving due to longevity and is priced more competitively than stainless steel..

It all starts with the environment from protecting it to protecting against it. The G3 Cube™ was designed with these two sentiments in mind.
Due to the sensitive environment in which we operate, an enormous amount of research and development has gone into ensuring environmental sensitivity. Specially designed admixtures drastically reduce the cement content and therefore considerably reduces the carbon foot print. Laminin Re-Bar will prevent the cube from rusting in marine conditions adding to the cube’s longevity. G3 Universal’s MCD (marine concrete design) will promote marine growth in artificial reef conditions applications.

Best Features


No product currently enjoys the freedom of application that the G3 Cube™ does. This really is a product that allows engineers to solve multiple issues using the same module.

Laminin rebar

Laminin rebar is the unseen hero of the G3 Cube™. It provides significant cost advantages and extends the lifespan of the product.
Laminin is resistant to corrosion and non-conductive. It has minimum moisture absorption and is non-electromagnetic.


The aesthetics of the G3 Cube™ speak for itself when used in public places.


 Always Prepared To Help



Grant H. Galloway

Grant is a serial entrepreneur by admission and has an exceptionally keen interest in anything off centre of mainstream.
Grant is the driving force behind G3 Universal Ocean Systems and along with co-founder Graham Smith has spent the last three years developing the G3 Cube. Grant is an extremely driven individual who will go to great lengths to satisfy his clients.

Grant has a love for the ocean and spent the early parts of his career sailing the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. He has a long family history in agriculture and this is where he developed a keen interest in all things sustainable. Grant has spent the past six years in concrete manufacturing as the CEO of Eshowe Brick and Block.

Graham Smith

Graham is a forward thinking innovator in the construction industry particularly in concrete technologies. Coming from a rich history of growing up in a construction family, this environment forged his future in becoming a well-known name in the industry. His entrepreneurial skill were also developed early in his life where he became a part business owner at the age of 22. His aim to become a Master in his Craft is strongly echoed in his approach in developing new products and systems where he currently heads Business Development at CONCHEM CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS.

A close affiliate to G3 Universal Ocean Systems Graham currently serves as Concrete Society of Southern Africa Regional Chairman. he also interacts closely with the board of directors and attends the quarterly board meetings. Entering into his second term as Chairman he is instrument in the strategy to consolidate all independent Concrete institutions forming a Concrete Community in which the industry will be well served.

Jason Dreyer

Jason joined G3 in 2018 as Operations Director, he has a strong background in mechanical engineering and construction with a solution focused approach to challenges.

His innovative approach to challenges, products and business has been instrumental in the design and implementation of new or improved technology on various of his engineering and construction projects.

Jason is well travelled for both business and pleasure. Currently based in Africa with strong links into Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, United States and the UAE.

Loves a challenge!

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